Living streets

Pass this most days on the Ranelagh Triangle..

Red Links 30/06/09

Another batch of Interesting tickets on sale tomorrow night! Charles with another brilliant review. This time, Volver! Damien wrote an excellent post on finding the beat. That creative beat. Twitter for Busy People. Debunking social media myths. Unfocused groups. Liking the latest Pretty Much Amazing ‘cast! Blonde Redhead ‘Heroine’ [just music] J Dilla ‘Nothing Like […]

Measuring where we came from

As a nation, we’re terrible hung up on sticking to interior conventions. What used to be magnolia is now a uniformed feature wall. As a teen, I stuck those terribly greenie,  luminous stars on the ceiling of my room. And at night, they’d shine. An inside-outside galaxy. The posters changed on my walls, but my […]

Red Links 29/06/09

In prep for tonight’s final episode of Questions and Answers, Suzy is looking your favourite Q&A moment. Patrick publishes a handy script for screen capturing, uploading to a server and urling.[updated] Via Metafilter. Proof of the Free Will Theorem. Support group for carrot munchers. Soyfuckers anonymous. NPR giving a first listen to Bjork’s Voltaic. Wrangler’s […]

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