A New Fucking Low in Feed Advertising

The amount of advertising getting tagged onto posts in subscribed feeds is getting to be a joke. Getting to the point where the footprint of adverts is bigger than the post itself. And then this pops up from SFGate.

Red Links 28/07/09

Daragh lists late night cafés in Dublin. Registration is open for Bizcamp Dublin coming in September! The KnitTwits give so much joy – check out Boris Johnson and Tom Baker. Age of the world. Social media is shallow. Think beyond the boxed universe. So very true. We’ve influence. Every single one of us. And you […]

A Bill of Sights

Photo owned by combustionchamber (cc) Oh dear. It’s one of those birthdays. The kind that knocks on the door and ask for directions. Or the guy that asked for your digits. The hung-drawn-and-quartered kinda birthday. I always did really well at school, but never particularly excelled at anything. For me, the process was always as […]

Blood Music

Greg Bear – Blood Music. Reading this much too fast. Have to stop myself from doing so, just so I can enjoy it.

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