Red Links 26/08/09

Hello, brand new MAXroam store. Hello unlocked phones and accessories.

Going to the Electric Picnic? Don’t forget to pop by the The Emergency.

Ranelagh Arts Festival are showing ‘Sunrise’ (wikilink) in Dartmouth Square at 8.45pm. Hailing from 1927, it’s a silent movie. Accompaniment will be by 3epkano. [Updated time!]

Wanna play with Daft’s Playhouse monsterfun animation on Liberty Hall as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival? Password is playhousefan. Via Darragh.

Keyboard cat. Fold your own. Via MF.

Planned Obsolescence.

The Sputnik Observatory for the Study of Contemporary Culture. Science met Culture. And they made babies. Loads of great videos here.

Valerie O’Connor interviews the Choke Comedy Improv group for I Love Limerick.

Via Ze. Making of ‘The Goonies’.

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