Climate Campers vs The Met – Hashtag Race

It is interesting to see how Climate Camp activists coordinated and organised their London protest on Twitter at noon yesterday, all while the Met monitored online comms to try to police the situation.

Simon notes how the Climate Camper have coordinated their plans over online comms channels:

The ‘swoop’ takes place from a number of locations across the city and is being coordinated and publicised via a number of social media channels:

  • Live video of the swoop is being Qik’d
  • Live tweets from the swoop are being published at – the hashtag climatecamp is being used for general updates while each swoop location has been given its own unique hashtag.
  • The swoop location is being announced at midday via SMS and the Climate Camp Facebook group

Conversely the Met Police are using their own Twitter feed to coordinate and publish live information (although they say they won’t be responding to replies and DMs) and using monitoring tool Radian 6 to track online conversations.

Who won? Can there be a winner?

[Updated: Due to timestamp fail!]

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