Q-Tip ‘Do You Dig U?’

Via Charles. Nyom. From Kamaal The Abstract.

Red Links 29/09/09

Measurement Camp is back on October 28th. Sign up (it’s free) – here. Via Lauren at Simply Zesty. Blas na hÉireann Awards 2009 shortlists are out!  Via Ice Cream Ireland. Via Victoria, the late William Safire’s rules for writing. Automating the gaydar. Hitwise has interesting stats on photo searches. Via the Guardian, BBC Four’s season […]

Red Links 28/09/09

TheStory.ie on Mary Coughlan’s talking points. Vegemite iWhat 2.0 tekzzspk? Working hard is overrated. Augmented Reality bandwagon needs a shake. FlashForward has massive buzz, but is it really coming from these digital initiatives? Twenty French movies to see before you die. Dante sneakers.

How could iStockPhoto burn up the design market?

It’s interesting to note the moves by iStockPhoto to broaden its product offerings by selling ready-to-go logos. At a time when it’s dead easy to spot generic stock images on sites, is offering ready-made logos really a great proposition to designers and site builders alike? If anything, iStockPhoto really should expand by connecting designers working […]

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