Lisbon Treaty Events This Week

Busy week for me despite the relative quietness here.

On Monday night I went to the Cóir public meeting in prep for the Lisbon Treaty at the Skylon Hotel. Highjink City! Video and audio from the Cóir public meeting.

And last night I popped along to the Feminist Open Forum debate on the Lisbon Treaty at the Central Hotel. Debating at the evening were Senator Deirdre deBurca, Joan Burton, Patricia McKenna and Mary Lou MacDonald. Video from the Feminist Open Forum debate.

In some ways the evenings were chalk and cheese. Looking back, I would have loved to see some of the women at last night’s debate ask questions at the Cóir meeting. It was interesting to contrast the views of audience. Some of the older members that spoke were Euro-skeptic, the younger ones leaned more towards the Yes side. Both groups with more than a little reasoning on their positions – much more than the takeaway menu that was served by Cóir!

I’ll be popping along to more Lisbon events in the coming weeks. If you hear of any interesting events, why not pop me a mail.

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