How could iStockPhoto burn up the design market?

It’s interesting to note the moves by iStockPhoto to broaden its product offerings by selling ready-to-go logos. At a time when it’s dead easy to spot generic stock images on sites, is offering ready-made logos really a great proposition to designers and site builders alike?

If anything, iStockPhoto really should expand by connecting designers working on different price structures with site builders. iStockPhoto could become a design cupid.

iStockPhoto could let designers tag and categorise their work and then show them in a contextual view beside stock images. Say designers could show a portfolio and show samples at fixed prices, couldn’t iStockPhoto just get a cut of the transaction?

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  1. Yeah have to say was wondering what the hell they were thinking when I saw this. GUess there are enough people looking to get logos on the cheap. Even 99 Designs where you pay about 150 for a logo ends up being shit. Not something that you should skimp on or get from “stock” IMO

  2. All the micro stock photography sites survive on selling as much as they can at cheap prices. I doubt they want to get into the business of their photographers/designers actually talking to clients. Too much trouble!

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