Red Links 29/10/09

Jim is DJing at the Pavilion in Cork tonight for Bootleg’s first birthday. Interesting exhibition ‘Bits ‘n Pieces’ in the NYC, exploring where digital meets analogue in a post-Digital world. Contrasting the UI of Android and iPhone for developers in terms of app customisation. The Cookie Card! Via Nathalie. Daily Drop Cap. That Vodafone Symphonia […]

So, you sneak into the Dáil with an egg…

… who do you throw it at? And why? Imagine it’s full. Difficult, I know. You get a Get Out of Jail Free card too. [All in the shadow of last night’s Leviathan egg-drubbing of Frank Fahey and Dan Boyle. The one that got away!]

It’s Not Just Me, Right?

See for yourself.

First World Problem

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