Last Night’s Checkins Mashes Up Foursquare Activity

It was just a matter of time, but Last Night’s Checkins is one of the first sites to mashup Foursquare checkins onto Google Maps. A nice little app to analyse your activity yea? I wonder how else can checkins be modeled and how about comparative visualisations. Here’s my Last Night’s Checkins heatmap.

On Video Games Live

Last night’s Video Games Live was bags of awesome. While I didn’t know many of the new games, the older themes were brilliant. Hello Duck Hunt! The classic Metroid theme snippet rocked the first part of the show. Highlight of the second part of the show was the Super Mario theme. For the encore, we […]

Seven Ways That I’m A Celebrity Should Inspire Your Blogging or How the Fork is Trying to Digitally Spoon Me

This post was originally a hodgepodge, pick a biz word guide that advocated working 27.5 hours a day, being stoked all the time, asking for freebies and favours, loving your haters and listening to your own Pasquale voice (perhaps a few of them) . I don’t have the grace to do satire well. Delete. Delete. Instead I’ll link […]

A World Made of Words

An advert made for Inlingua – a language course provider.

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