Seven Ways That I’m A Celebrity Should Inspire Your Blogging or How the Fork is Trying to Digitally Spoon Me

This post was originally a hodgepodge, pick a biz word guide that advocated working 27.5 hours a day, being stoked all the time, asking for freebies and favours, loving your haters and listening to your own Pasquale voice (perhaps a few of them) . I don’t have the grace to do satire well. Delete. Delete.

Instead I’ll link you to a post by Steve Henry on how creativity at UK digital agencies there is at an all time low. And Ireland is doubtedly the UK’s poor cousin in this regard. Discuss.

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  1. Alexia, you say you don’t do satire well, so how about plain speaking, which you excel at? Where do you think things are at and going wrong?

    I don’t think crowd-sourcing is the answer by itself. You also need strong, experienced creative direction – something which I don’t think any of the current crowd sites have.

    I’m with Steve on this completely. I think so many people have been advocating focussing on one element or area over another without looking at how each avenue contributes to the whole. I see so much so questionable by established companies, by people who set themselves out as experts (or unexperts) and what these experts are pushing out there. And then I see how people will criticise without understanding what’s going on or what people are trying to do.

    I love your plain speaking posts. Would love to read one 🙂

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