Nuclear Elvis ain’t that far away, folks

Some folks need to watch more Superman IV. The BBC reports: A single strand of hair from the late Elvis Presley is expected to fetch £600 at an auction in Gloucestershire. The hair is mounted in the centre of a gold disc, which is inscribed with “The King’s Authentic Hair”. The item includes a certificate […]

Red Links 25/02/10

Living in Labyrinth. Guidelines for those that run Facebook pages. Bloggers look set to get access to the Westminister lobby, this idea would rock in the Dáil too! How to make homemade Nutella. As ref’d on Phil Udell’s Phantom show – Iain Archer – with Running With Dreams off Flood The Tank. I prefer Magnetic […]

Windows Phone 7

This lunchtime, Microsoft showed off their new Windows Mobile 7 operating system at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Font and UI-wise, its DNA is firmly in Camp Zune. I’d love to play with one to see if I will jump from iPhone. Oh yes.. More details at Windows Phone 7 Series site. (Disclosure: I […]

Review: A Serious Man

Saw ‘A Serious Man’ over the weekend. I wish had Charles’ review juice and deft touch, but I really, really enjoyed it. If you’re one that despises black comedy – avoid! Lead actor Martin Stuhlbarg shines as put-upon country college professor, Larry Gopnik, whose life is slowly imploding in the Twin Cities,1967. Faced with spiraling […]

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