Red Links 31/03/2010

Magnets affect morality? The world’s first monorail is 109 years old today. Happy Burpday Wuppertal! Scary, magnificent trip. Recommended! Bing Maps gets walking directions. Live for Ireland too! Dublin to Bray… hellllllooo The United States of Cool. Listen to David Byrne’s and Fatboy Slim’s concept album ‘Here Lies Love’ on the rise of Imelda Marcos […]

Irish Blog Awards 2010

Just a brief note to say that last weekend’s Irish Blog Awards were really enjoyable.I enjoy the prep and buildup as much as the show. Weird, I know. Every single one of the winners deserved their awards. I especially enjoyed seeing Pat, Jim, Redmum and Suzy win. Best speech of the night award goes to […]

Beware the flashmob..

…you, Social Mejia gurus…

Unsecured equipment a ticking bomb for Gardai

Many words have been written on how Garda “work-to-rule” action that kicked off yesterday. As part of the action, Gardai will withdraw the use of personal equipment to aid them in their daily work. So the personal mobile phones, cameras and laptops of Gardai will not be used to expedite their tasks. What’s not mentioned […]

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