Dear @irishblogawards, I Ain’t Saying Nothing

Dear Irish Blog Awards, Every year around this time, I have this problem. It’s a debillitating condition. Like that gassy belly wind one gets from fine German wheatbeer or the red-face, chokey cough with tears a girl gets in polite company. Sometimes embarrassing, always compulsive. It’s the compulsion to be honest. To be meta about […]

Bridges, Grace and Knowing

Not a movie nut, but it was great to see Jeff Bridges pick up the Best Actor Oscar for Crazy Heart. His performance was ever so subtle. It would have been both tempting and easy to paint Bad Blake in broad strokes as the washed-up has-been and stay there. Instead, he plays with Bad’s flaws […]

4hero ft Carina Andersson “Les Fleur”

Oldie, but luvely.

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