Red Links 20/04/10

Éidín’s new blog. Politics, society – and all the lovely jam in between. The William Gibson Q&As via Wired. Via Pat, 13 Lonely Planet city guides are free. Thank you, volcano. Of bio motion and happiness in UI design. So, You Need a Typeface? Sandberg en Vogue. And Facebook creates Community Pages and turns your […]

Red Links 16/04/10

Pat show us how to to open a US iTunes account. Suzy on the accessible performance of No Escape at the Abbey Theatre next Tuesday. Oh so that’s where the killer ash cloud comes from! Dramatic photos of that Icelandic volcano. Via Conor. Red Mum at the Experience Japan fest at Farmleigh. My post on […]

Vodafone announces iPad plans in May, but not for us..

Vodafone announced yesterday that it will come out with price plans for iPad at the end of next month but just for the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Another case of Ireland always playing the bridesmaid, and never the bride. Does this point to O2 claiming iPad exclusivity come launch in May? Or perhaps a […]

Red Links 14/04/10

Fatmammycat on Kitty Kelley and Oprah. How pays the bills. There’s still time to pick up tickets for tomorrow night’s Girl Geek Dinner at the Science Gallery. Talk of the night will be on mobile. Kitteh Roulette. Just love the name! Punchlining on BAM!LOL. Undergroundsquareesque? Gaming with your Oyster card – Chromoroma. Tweetminister will […]

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