The Disloyalty Card

Coffee! Gwilym Davies is a barista. A really great barista. A World Champion barista. He makes coffee at Prufrock Coffee at Present in Shoreditch.

Gwilym came up with the idea of a Disloyalty Card. He picked eight quality-focussed, interesting coffee places in London, printed their details on a card and gave these cards to his customers. If customers try coffee at all of these hand-picked places, Gwilym will make coffee for them for free.

Powerful idea.

Being an ambassador of your industry, means nodding at competitors you respect. Gwilym will sell his competitors coffee, but the trust his customer have in his expertise will grow, as they follow his coffee tour. And while they will try out other coffee shops, they will return for his free coffee.

Imagine incentivising your customers to check out your competitors? It takes confidence in your ability and knowing your own product, but what’s good for coffee drinkers is great for baristas don’t you think?

Spotted this via Ana today.

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