Vodafone announces iPad plans in May, but not for us..

Vodafone announced yesterday that it will come out with price plans for iPad at the end of next month but just for the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Another case of Ireland always playing the bridesmaid, and never the bride.

Does this point to O2 claiming iPad exclusivity come launch in May? Or perhaps a signal that we won’t sneak in with the launch of the device in Voda territories? Interesting.

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  1. Well, the fact that all devices are unlocked would make any exclusivity pointless and well, impossible. There’s plenty of other Vodafone markets not mentioned there. I’d say all the networks will bring out micro SIMs at some point, along with broadband packages for them

  2. For Wifi-3G models, how so? They may be unlocked, but if sold only through O2 stores and only with price plans… This doesn’t discount the fact that they are locked/unlocked.

    Possible.. how probably, I don’t know..

  3. True, fair point.
    But in fairness, if Apple and AT&T haven’t done it in the US (despite being partners for so long), I think Apple may be avoiding exclusivity with the iPad.

    Time will tell I guess.

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