On the flotilla and Don’t Knows

I was going to avoid the rush to blog on Flotillagate as the numbers junkies like to blog those topics for extra relevance juice. But fuck it. This morning, the Israeli Defence Forces stormed a group of boats holding aid. The flotilla – so named by the aid workers activists- was stormed in international waters. […]

The Sticks

Imagine being stuck in a lift with Conor Lenihan

Labour senator Dominic Hannigan was so blessed. TDs Rory O’Hanlon and Margaret Conlon were also stuck in the house of fun. Hannigan tweeted with aplomb how the army had to step in and save the day!

Red Links 20/05/10

Good luck to all of the nominees in the IIA Net Visionaries tonight! Recreate the solar system in CSS3. Via Veerle. The Guardian goes premium with value-added resources in Extra. Interesting that the features more contact with newsmakers incl newsroom visits and events! The Atlantic has a special report called Future of the City on […]

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