Election.ie slumbers to awake again

Hello kids, it’s been a little while. The rumours are baseless, I haven’t become a Scientologist or had that full-body upgrade. Yet. I’ve been busy on lots of different projects.

Let’s talk about one – election.ie. She’s been on hiatus too.

Truth be told, I had a brush with news recently. And for as much as the idea of constantly reading and writing is second nature to me, the experience changed my opinion on where election.ie should go. In some subtle ways thematically and in other ways structurally and editorially.

In wanting to carve out election.ie’s own voice, I fell into a trap of wanting to publish rather than looking at balls of the subject and prodding it a little. I need to get the mantra of not trying to get everything right and just concentrate on a few of the right things. I want to fully bake the election.ie idea and build out a refresh before our next General Election.

The way the British General Election has been covered online also changed my views. Channel 4 news did an excellent job on Twitter, Grandma Beeb was ever dependable on stats and well, Sky were just Sky but with the best iPhone app and HD to check out Adam Boulton’s engorged pores.

So, election.ie will be back soon. I’ll post some of my pol stuff here in the meantime. More to come.

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  1. I can hardly wait….

    I used to really like your “red links”. What happened to those? There hasn’t been any since April 20th. In fact, a lot of Irish blogs I used to follow have 3-4 week gaps or more in postings. Maybe blogging is dead after all. Or I just need to update my favourites….

  2. Hehe, I hope to get a batch of Reds out every day like I used to.

    Not sure about others, but running a couple of blogs in different spots and real life sometimes gets in the way.

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