On the flotilla and Don’t Knows

I was going to avoid the rush to blog on Flotillagate as the numbers junkies like to blog those topics for extra relevance juice. But fuck it.

This morning, the Israeli Defence Forces stormed a group of boats holding aid. The flotilla – so named by the aid workers activists- was stormed in international waters.

We’re still caught in a media free-for-all where propaganda from both sides is vying for attention.

There are things we know and things we don’t know. Unless you are on-board one of the ships and viewing the scene from an independent POV, you really don’t know what really happened and you don’t know in what order it happened.

You don’t know of the allegations that aid workers activists fired on the IDF. You don’t know if the flotilla carried weapons. You don’t know if the IDF really did take ever step possible to warn the flotilla before boarding and how they did it. You don’t know if the IDF had a shoot to kill order.

A thousand editorials are being written today for a thousand newspapers tomorrow on the storming but there are still so many Don’t Knows. Michael Martin is meeting the Israeli ambassador this afternoon and we can expect the Irish government to respond within hours. Can Don’t Knows really be dispelled so fast?

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