iTunes in the cloud is more ambitious than we think

There is lots of chatter about on the new data centre that Apple is building – a data centre to end all data centres. A data centre with 500,000 square feet. At that footage, you’re talking almost seven times the size of a soccer pitch. Besides the sheer size of the facility, the next thing […]

Red Links 20/07/10

EU regulation of the Cloud. IIAE are hosting a talk on the subject with Google’s Global Chief Privacy Counsel, Peter Fleischer and Billy Hawkes, the Data Protection Commissioner on July 28th. Fustar on the impact of kidnapped Madonna to 80s games bois. Suzy plays it again while Michael Lynn’s hearing is adjourned ’til October. Astronomy […]

Red Links 19/07/10

Ben and Jerry shuts shop on email marketing to concentrate on social networks. Interesting council posters. NYT Lens’ blog features Colombia’s beauty queens. Clare has been taking some inspiring NYC pictures. Love, love, love this one of Flat Iron Building. Chair socks!

The Independent Bookseller

Last week, Jenny’s post about the future of bookselling popped into my feed reader and it stuck a chord with me. Independent booksellers are close to my heart. It’s all tied up with family too. My mother is an independent bookseller. To understand why she does it, you have to understand her. After raising a third (and surprise) baby to school-going age, she decided she had enough of […]

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