Leo Varadkar solo runs again!

Another Leo Varadkar solo run? Feels like it. Yesterday, we had the Eamon and Joanie Show (still waiting on Photoshops). You kind of get the feeling that Varadkar is frustrated. Right? More and more, Labour are upping on the polls. Be it having an articulate leader in Gilmore or even, as Labour have been so […]

Red Links 20/10/2010

Adrian compares the HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Samsung Galaxy S. Javascript IDE for iPhone. Sweet Air France playlist. Y Combinator’s Startup School videos from last weekend are well worth a gander. Via Christine, the Guardian’s interactive chart where you can choose the UK public spending cuts. Interesting WSJ piece on Facebook’s VP […]

Old Skool Skype Video Calls

.. with Klara.

Iarnród Éireann Copyrights Its Train Timetable

Iarnród Éireann Copyright No part of this timetable may be copied, transmitted or stored in a retrieval system or used in any form for commercial or promotional purposes without the written permission of the copyright holders. Protecting themselves from commercial mobile apps using their timetable information. Can a timetable be copyrighted?

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