Iarnród Éireann Copyrights Its Train Timetable

Iarnród Éireann Copyright
No part of this timetable may be copied, transmitted or stored in a retrieval system or used in any form for commercial or promotional purposes without the written permission of the copyright holders.

Protecting themselves from commercial mobile apps using their timetable information. Can a timetable be copyrighted?

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  1. Mere recording of facts is generally not capable of copyright, generally just the way in which it’s done, but then again Ireland and the ECJ have found TV listings to be covered so it’s not unreasonable to say they could cover train timetables too. Great system really.

  2. It can be a tricky area due to an overlap between two forms of IP right that might exist: (1) copyright and/or (2) a database right. Some info here: http://is.gd/g2ZaW

    [Pedants corner: copyright exists from creation of the work, so one doesn’t have to take an active step to “copyright” something. Therefore, the notice used by IE is merely notifying people of the fact that IE is asserting its rights in this regard.]

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