Leo Varadkar solo runs again!

Another Leo Varadkar solo run? Feels like it. Yesterday, we had the Eamon and Joanie Show (still waiting on Photoshops).

You kind of get the feeling that Varadkar is frustrated. Right? More and more, Labour are upping on the polls. Be it having an articulate leader in Gilmore or even, as Labour have been so often accused – not articulating how they can achieve Budget savings without cutting back on essential services facing the chop under our current masters, Varadkar has to feel peeved. After backing the wrong horse during the heave, are we just witnessing Varadkar scrambling for scraps by engaging in solo runs?

Varadkar and Burton are constituency mates. The number of Dail seats in the next election is rising from 3 to 4. Dublin West’s remaining TD is Brian Lenihan. Neo-Liberal-hating Socialist Party leader, Joe Higgins has stated his intention to run next time around. Perhaps, it’s another grubby turf war. How unseemly.

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