Clarity Centre Summer 2011 Undergrad Internships

The Clarity Centre has 7 Summer 2011 internships available to undergrad students in its research projects across its campuses in UCD, DCU and the Tyndall Institute, Cork with a view to giving them research experience.

Some background on the centre. The Clarity Centre is a Science Foundation Ireland centre for research in Science, Engineering and Technology. It specialises adaptive sensor technologies and information discovery.

The internship blurb:

The primary aim of the CLARITY undergraduate internship is to offer exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to participate and contribute to exciting research projects at CLARITY which allows the student to use leading research facilities and to inspire these students to take the first step on a path to a research career.

Through the CLARITY Undergraduate Internship, Interns will be:

  • Given the opportunity to undertake research in a co-operative environment;
  • Introduced to research via relevant and stimulating real-world applications which will be used in ongoing research projects;
  • Exposed to new research problems, interdisciplinary research exploration as well as the use of high-tech equipment;
  • Given groundwork in basic research skills, which will assist the interns in transforming the internship experience into a long term plan for research career options

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