Garret FitzGerald, Rest in Peace

Very sad to hear of the passing of Garret FitzGerald. Many words have been written and too many will be written. Suffice it to say that he was an example of how little intellectualism tempered by civic duty there is in politics. If anything, perhaps we should demand a little more intellectualism from our representatives, support those that demonstrate it and perhaps try to add some to our daily lives.  Election nights will never be the same.

The historic setting of St Patrick’s Hall as a backdrop to the Queen’s speech made me think of Garret last night. As the results of the Lisbon Treaty were called out to assembled politicos in St Patrick’s Hall of Dublin Castle, I gatecrashed the gig (thanks to ye know who ye are), and got to interview Garret briefly. Here’s the footage! Yes, it’s raw.

And when I got talking to him, the established media saw he was open to giving comment and they circled around him asking him questions as well.

Oh and here’s Garret, Dick Roche and Conor Lenihan celebrating the Yes result! Snatches of MaryLou in there as well.

What a gentleman! And what a loss to us all 🙁 Garret RIP.

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