Yellow Ostrich ‘Whale’

Pronoun usage and college admission

Interesting piece in the Scientific American on a study of pronoun usage in society: Across four years, we analyzed the admissions essays of 25,000 students and then tracked their grade point averages (GPAs). Higher GPAs were associated with admission essays that used high rates of nouns and low rates of verbs and pronouns. The effects were surprisingly strong and lasted […]

Distance makes the news seem smaller

My Twitterstream have slowed a little these past months. I’ve pretty much stopped listening to news radio. It’s strange. I’ve always been a radio nut. The gap between the end of the Pat Kenny show and the News At One was my daily nadir. I often found myself relistening to segments of Morning Ireland to […]

Red Links 18/08/2011

Suzy on the continuing Job Bridge mess. The 9th Dublin Argentine Tango Festival opens today and runs through the weekend. The New Yorker profiles Guillermo del Toro. AI in Stanford to be the biggest class in the world? An oral history of The Dana Carvey Show.