Distance makes the news seem smaller

My Twitterstream have slowed a little these past months. I’ve pretty much stopped listening to news radio. It’s strange. I’ve always been a radio nut. The gap between the end of the Pat Kenny show and the News At One was my daily nadir. I often found myself relistening to segments of Morning Ireland to tide me over the Mooney show straight towards Drivetime or The Last Word. I hasten to add that David Hanley is still my favourite radio uncle.

I haven’t bought a Sunday newspaper in months. And it’s been good. I’m suddenly 16 again.

Divorcing oneself away from the medium slowly while the flames of the News of the World hacking, the sick events of the Utoya shootings and #Aras11 licked our news cycles has been good. There’s more reading, writing and thinking. I’m buying more stationary.

While all this good stuff fizzles away, reengaging with news on Twitter and some online news sites has been a largely empty experience. News in the shape of a photocopy of a photocopy infinity. Don’t you feel like a girl waiting for the Jetsons’ flying car too?

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  1. Great post. Agree 100%.

    I was on a 2-week holiday in Japan, so my news-diet consisted of trying to understand Japanese news (which featured one international story the two weeks I was there – the US debt crisis) and infrequent internet sessions where i’d quickly scan the front page of The Irish TImes and The Guardian

    What struck me is that stories that the Twittersphere etc. thought were HUGE (US debt ceiling for instance or the Presidential race) seemed completely inconsequential once you leave the 24-hour news stream.

    It has a pretty resounding effect on me. Now when the 24-hour news junkies go rabid about a drop in the DOW, I just think how many people in the world don’t know and don’t care, and how it may seem HUGE at that very moment, it will simply not be remembered in weeks, days, maybe even hours.

  2. Great insight! News on holidays is always an interesting experience.

    Did you manage to check out the national papers while in Japan for their slant on the biggest stories of the day?

  3. It’s no longer news is it? It’s reaction. Take content, original or not, SEO it, no considered analysis, offer it up to those salivating mobs and move on. And maybe add a poll.

    Maybe the Irish Times should add a Timeshift wall not a paywall? You can come back after 24 hours and comment but not before.

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