Zed Link 31/07/12

On finding the right notes and, more properly, at the right time. New Yorker publishes a lost F. Scott Fitzgerald. ASCII street view via Waxy. One for the logo makers, Emblematic  breaks down stats on logos over the years. Whiteboarding, but not as we know it. Nice collection of Big Think videos. Via IndieWire. Henry […]

Access to Information Tuesday

Today a couple of interesting things are happening in the Freedom of Informationland worth noting Gavin Sheridan is at the High Court tweeting about the case of NAMA vs The Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information, a case that will have a lasting impression on what access to information for the public means well […]

European Commission opens a public consulation on cybersecurity

FYI. From the Europa.eu presser Cyber incidents can be triggered by accidents like natural events, human errors, technical failures or by more sinister causes such as malicious attacks, economic espionage, terrorism and state-sponsored activity. They can also have serious consequences for society and the economy when affecting critical sectors such as finance, health, energy and […]

Zed Links 21/07/12

Some quick Zeds.. Reactive dot displayness made by Breakfast NY. Lovely. How Tulsa battled brain drain of its young. Crayonification. More brain foodz – researchers poke at how money makes us less human. NYT’s Sweet Spot – A.O. Scott & David Carr on the consumption of media vs. time.

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