European Commission opens a public consulation on cybersecurity


From the presser

Cyber incidents can be triggered by accidents like natural events, human errors, technical failures or by more sinister causes such as malicious attacks, economic espionage, terrorism and state-sponsored activity. They can also have serious consequences for society and the economy when affecting critical sectors such as finance, health, energy and transport and erode public trust for activities online in general.

This is also a global challenge since many cyber incidents and attacks originate outside the EU. Later this year the European Commission and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy will present a joint Strategy on cyber security. The overarching aim of the Strategy is to ensure a secure and trustworthy digital environment where EU fundamental rights and core values, are promoted and protected.

As far as Network and Information Systems are concerned, the aim would be to enhance preparedness, strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure as well as to foster a cyber-security culture in the EU.

The consultation ends October 15th. Feedback can be entered into the consultation site.

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