Access to Information Tuesday

Today a couple of interesting things are happening in the Freedom of Informationland worth noting

  • Gavin Sheridan is at the High Court tweeting about the case of NAMA vs The Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information, a case that will have a lasting impression on what access to information for the public means well into the future. As Gavin puts it:

Such a decision would provide legal clarity for all requesters of environmental information, decisively bringing all State-owned companies (including all port companies and Anglo Irish Bank), all bodies where boards are appointed by Ministers, all companies where board members are appointed by a Minister and all Ministers themselves under the Access to Information on the Environment (AIE) regime.

Well worth following Gavin’s tweets today.

  • In the last cabinet meeting before the Summer break, the cabinet will discuss plans to extend freedom of information to other machines of the state. Stands to reason that the Garda Siochana will be on the list of bodies to include, but, of course, with provisos on state secrecy.

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