Zed Links 16/01/13

GPS, wha? NY cops to track drug thieves using GPS chips in decoy drugs bottles. Charlie Kaufman’s speech from the Bafta’s Screenwriter series. Via Vinny. Right Here Waiting – a Chicago writer meets Richard Marx. Arnie will be B-A-C-K-K for Twins 2. In his own words in his AMA. The Birkin sings The Gainsbourg at the NCH […]

HMV and the High Street Music Business

It’s been less than twenty-four hours since the news broke that HMV is looking to enter administration. It’s sad, but ask yourself when was the last time you bought in a music store? It’s  been literally ages since I’ve bought in a bricks and mortar store. Outside of Christmas gifts, hard-to-find artists that I can’t […]