FraserJane ‘Enough’

FraserJane’s originally from Limerick and has moved to London to ply her trade and self-produced her demo. FraserJane was literally my next-door neighbour for I-Don’t-Know-How-Long, so was I was excited to hear her stuff when she reached out to me about it.

I gave it a spin. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The presser reads cites comparisons with Imogen Heap and Peter Gabriel and while I do hear them, I’m also hearing some lush Bat For Lashes, Feist and Florence & etc etc. Just as her voice breaks over the beats on the toils of excess, a cascade of strings rise up and give cushion to the ear.

So, yes, I loved the track. Every time I’ve listened to it, I’ve panicked as I reach the end of the track, to go back to repeat.

I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

‘Enough’ is due for release on February 19th on iTunes and Spotify!

twitter: @fraserjanemusic
soundcloud: fraserjane on soundcloud.

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