The Political Scene – New Yorker’s touch-attuned Election12 site

Should you have a spare 10 mins this lunchtime, you really should test drive the New Yorker’s newish politics subsite – The Political Scene. Scrolling down through the page, it’s obvious that the site is designed for tablets. The scrolling between sections seems attuned to touch. Transitions between sections like Latest News and The Players appears […]

Thanks to Blacknight

For getting me back online, after I fell off the Interwebs. Out of hours too. They’re a good sort are the Blacknight guys.

Ever hit a day..

.. when the light goes on. Photo owned by Dimitry B (cc) Over the past couple of weeks, work has flattening me and I’m usually down for the count on getting home. But I’m back. Lots to do and nothing to see here. slumbers to awake again

Hello kids, it’s been a little while. The rumours are baseless, I haven’t become a Scientologist or had that full-body upgrade. Yet. I’ve been busy on lots of different projects. Let’s talk about one – She’s been on hiatus too. Truth be told, I had a brush with news recently. And for as much […]

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