Irish Blog Awards 2010

Just a brief note to say that last weekend’s Irish Blog Awards were really enjoyable.I enjoy the prep and buildup as much as the show. Weird, I know. Every single one of the winners deserved their awards. I especially enjoyed seeing Pat, Jim, Redmum and Suzy win. Best speech of the night award goes to […]

Dear @irishblogawards, I Ain’t Saying Nothing

Dear Irish Blog Awards, Every year around this time, I have this problem. It’s a debillitating condition. Like that gassy belly wind one gets from fine German wheatbeer or the red-face, chokey cough with tears a girl gets in polite company. Sometimes embarrassing, always compulsive. It’s the compulsion to be honest. To be meta about […]

Blog Awards 2010 – Get Your Noms In!

Just a few hours left to nominate your favourite blogs for this year’s Irish Blog Awards! Do take a few minutes to nominate your guilty reads.

Dublin Tweasure Hunt

Quick reminder – the Dublin Tweasure hunt is happening tomorrow. It starts at the Spire at 2pm in Dublin city centre. To participate you need a phone with Internet access and a camera and a Twitter account. Form a team with some mates and elect a captain to communicate back to the @dublintweasure account. The […]

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