There is no New Media and we’re all correspondents

Photo owned by waferboard (cc) No, seriously. There isn’t. The news is as it ever has been and ever was. The tools we use to send and receive news have changed. That’s it. Do you think that when the move from bulletins to newspaper than a thousand gurus calling the news something else? No, industrialisation […]

Surprising Etymologies

Avocado: From the Aztec word ‘ahuakatl’ for testicle. Pander: A pimp. Nice: Originally meaning “foolish, stupid, senseless” in the late 13th Century.

Themed up and Rockstarring

Just applied a new theme – Rockstar from Woo Themes – it’s free and has a nice theme config page. Definitely considering popping for their club now. And the buhbye blog thing – blogs are oh-so-confining, if I could I’d rename this place – a repository of swirled ideas. Enough navel-meta bull, back to sketching […]

SimplyZesty lists spam the Twitter stream

So, last Wednesday a shitstorm regarding Twitter lists hit the Irish Twitterati and as we’re a hot-cold bunch, it blew up in predictable form. SimplyZesty launched their lists and they had taken a similar approach to signup to TwitIreland. It seemed so anyway. But no. They hadn’t. It appears that they only way you can […]

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