Of Medium and Message

Stream of nonsense. These ideas may or may not be connected. // Today is my 1444th day on Twitter. // Last night’s Culture Show special ‘The Books We Really Read’ on BBC2 presented by Sue Perkins explored popular fiction down the centuries and how today’s bestsellers sit a gulf across from literary fiction. Perkins, a […]

The Independent Bookseller

Last week, Jenny’s post about the future of bookselling popped into my feed reader and it stuck a chord with me. Independent booksellers are close to my heart. It’s all tied up with family too. My mother is an independent bookseller. To understand why she does it, you have to understand her. After raising a third (and surprise) baby to school-going age, she decided she had enough of […]

On investigative economic reporting and This American Life

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of home decorating. Bit by bit, I’ve been working through the podcast archive of WBEZ’s This American Life. Where the archive really shines is in its economic analysis pieces. Two years ago as Lehman Brothers collapsed and AIG fell, This American Life began to try to […]

The Disloyalty Card

Gwilym Davies is a barista. A really great barista. A World Champion barista. He makes coffee at Prufrock Coffee at Present in Shoreditch. Gwilym came up with the idea of a Disloyalty Card. He picked eight quality-focussed, interesting coffee places in London, printed their details on a card and gave these cards to his customers. […]

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