Los Angeles Plays Itself

Watching Thom Andersen’s essay to LA architecture in the movies this weekend.   Full YT playlist.

The Political Scene – New Yorker’s touch-attuned Election12 site

Should you have a spare 10 mins this lunchtime, you really should test drive the New Yorker’s newish politics subsite – The Political Scene. Scrolling down through the page, it’s obvious that the site is designed for tablets. The scrolling between sections seems attuned to touch. Transitions between sections like Latest News and The Players appears […]

MPULabs’ Snake The Planet

With SXSW kicking off this week, I’m installing a droolcatcher to steer the very probable mouth juice away from my keyboard. I missed the SXSW boat, back when it was small and perfectly formed. Kind of like how I missed Steve Guttenburg in Diner, in its day. To distract myself and all of yiz, here’s […]

Decorating by numbers

The path to a happy modern life, is a happy modernist living room. Having scoured every renov blog with Danish sensibilities written by shaggy hipsters called Eliot from Portland, I’ve deduced I need the following things for my thirties. Consider it Eno for Interiors. A Henry Miller Eames rocker I renovated myself. Coquettish dog squirming […]

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