The One With Tommy’s Cupcakes, a BBQ and Harry’s Magic Castle

Last Saturday night, I went along to the B * 5 at Casa Collison on Saturday. Happy birthday, T. It was teh awesome. Bouncy castle rocked. Denis ruled the BBQ and Lily made killer cupcakes. Here they be. So many fun and talented people in one spot. Did I miss anyone? More pics.

Shoutout to the H

— A break in normal programming — Dearest Mr H, A shoutout to you. We could talk chocolate, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂

A Note of Thanks

So late last night after an IM conversation with a friend, as I sorted out the timestamps for today’s posts I looked at the draft posts in the WordPress console, I looked at this post and was in two minds about publishing it. It’s a personal post. More about feelings than the rational idea posts […]