Selection Box: Sinéad Keogh “The Opposite of Puppies”

Today’s Selection Box star is Sinéad Keogh, Mistress of Inkheart. — Could we all just agree not to buy each other bath sets? Especially the ones displayed in a Tesco or Dunnes Stores wall of uniformity, smack bang in the centre of the imagination void? They are the opposite of puppies. They are just for […]

Selection Box: Brett Nordquist “My Most Memorable Christmas Eve”

Today, Mr. Twitter October Brett Nordquist is stepping up the plate and Selection Boxing! — The year was 1987. It would be the first time I’d spend Christmas away from family and friends. Volunteering as a missionary for my church had taken me to Cologne, Germany where my friend and I would celebrate the holidays. Or […]

Selection Box: Simon McGarr “The Finger of Fudge”

Simon McGarr, Wordsmith of Tuppenceworth and walking barrel of Wit, is today’s selection boxer. (I secretly wish this was an endless Selection Box. Nyom, nyom). — When Alexia asked me for a morsel to add to her selection box, I imagined a grand theory of everything set out in 1,500 words. Every one of them would have been […]