Spirit of a Photoblog

shooting shadows
Photo owned by Sleestak66 (cc) 


One of my favourite photoblogs is Mareen Fischinger’s Tumblelog. The best thing about her blog is that it captures the world around her in a fresh, informal way. Her blog records her life in much the same way that a literal blog would. It documents her comings and goings, her friends and home-life. Her naturalistic approach to taking photos of her life seems to me to be a very cool way to photoblog. By the way, just to note, Mareen is a professional photographer that has taken some amazing pictures for international magazines and for product campaigns. 


I suppose this leads to the nub of my post – why aren’t enough photoblogs using this natural way of blogging? I suppose it comes down to elements of style. If you photoblog, do you work to wrangle the subject into your lens or does the natural approach of documenting your life appeal? Do you have any connection to the subject at the end of your lens? And what are you trying to say by taking that photo? Does that matter?


I’ve met a lot of exceptional photobloggers (whom I’d give my eye teeth to have an ounce of their talent) and I’d love to hear their views on the subject. 


Why Do You Blog?

Rosie the Blogger

It seems like such an easy question to ask, but I’ve found that the answers are myriad. They sometimes surprise me. I recently had an interesting discussion with a friend who couldn’t understand the impulse, despite admitting that he lurked on blogs and Twitter, to read content in order to avoid boredom. 


Mine are simply to:

  • Be better at articulating my views
  • Challenge my opinions  
  • Meet lots of interesting people be it over the web or in the flesh
  • Learn more about the world around me
  • Keep my curiosity piqued in music, design or reading great prose
What’s your excuse?