Apple’s WWDC Keynote, A Show With Booty

 Moscone West Center

 by Alexia Golez

In over an hour, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will kick off with Steve Jobs delivering his traditional keynote speech before a packed-out Moscone Center. 


So what’s on the menu? Rumours abound, especially across the gossipweb. How about? 

  • Generation 2 of the iPhone
  • iPhone 2.0 firmware 
  • Rebooted MacBooks and MacBook Pros in Air-like alu casing  Looks like these boys are safe. For now.
  • Replacing .Mac with rumoured

One truism of Jobs’ keynote truism is that he likes to simplify the show by concentrating on a central theme. A thread to demonstrate that Apple is following a vision. That you are safe in the hands. A very smart branding move. After all, what’s a brand but a feeling? I’ll be watching the webcast along with all the technofans, but I’ll be enjoying the show just as much as all the shiny new booty. 

Edit: I’ll be watching the coverage over at The Digital

Edit 2: Cali Lewis has nice UStream coverage too. Thanks for the link, James



 Rai Rai Ken
Photo owned by modomatic (cc)


Something that really helps me gather my thoughts, is the practice of braindumping. It doesn’t matter where I go, be it to the shop or to work in the morning, I always take a notepad. I like to call it my idea book. It used to be strange collection of old receipts and Post Its, but I’ve evolved.


If I think of a neat idea, see something funny or overhear a great conversation, I’ll always jot a few ideas down. Sometimes, it might just be an idle doodle. I may never use that nugget again, but noting it down makes for an odd collection of thoughts and experiences that I magpie. Looking back through those pages, there’s a catalogue of places, people and ideas that inspire me. When I used to draw and paint a lot, the concept of keeping ideas in a central place was second nature. Creating a preparatory sheet is a necessary part of the process. Distilling ideas through processes like braindumping helps me. Do you braindump?


More Free Music from Nine Inch Nails

 NIN Ghosts badge
Photo owned by Todd Sternisha (cc)


Nine Inch Nails has posted a DRM-free download of an EP for their ‘Lights in the Sky’ Summer tour on their site. They are joined in the five-track EP by Deerhunter, Crystal Castles, Does It Offend You Yeah? and A Place To Bury Strangers. As with their past downloads, all you need to do is register your mail address and start downloading. Nice one, thanks!  Download it here.