Red Links 09/06/08

Since setting up WordPress installations is all agog this week, John has a nice beginners guide to WordPress. Self-hosted on your own web space or on It’s all covered. Nice work.


Conor is organising a blogger dinner to send Tom Raftery off in style to Spain. The dinner will be in Cork on June 17th, but drop by the Argolon blog and sign up before the 12th if you are interested. It should be a very special night.


In case, you haven’t subbed to Deborah’s excellent foodie blog, Do so today. There’s a cool mix of recipes and reviews on there. 


Andy of has uploaded videos of the series of ‘The Machine That Changed The World’, a joint production by the BBC and the Boston public TV channel, WGBH made in 1992 . It delves through the history of computing, starting with Shanks and Babbage in the 1800s. Very cool. 


Via Michele.  List of deleted IE domains. Nice list. 


Loving this t-shirt. Every self-respecting Marxist female should have one.



Ingrid Michaelson sings ‘Breakable’ at Borders, Hollywood, CA



I’m loving Theoretical Girl’s ‘The Boy I Left Behind’ 



Hello, Again

Photo owned by heliosphan (cc) 


Alright, so I’m back to blogging. You miss me? The break has been great, but it’s nice to be back. The part I most missed was putting the Red Links together. It seems that they were one of my favourite things to blog about.


I’ve a few plans for the blog that will get rolled out in time. 


In the meantime, here’s what I got up to:

  • Had dinner with an amazing group of cool geeks
  • Found about 400 tshirts I want to buy
  • Gone to the races and gave an accidental tip that netted over E200 from a E3 punt
  • Started a music tumblelog, somewhere 
  • Spent a lot of time with the folks 
  • Stopped using Twitter and started again
  • Discovered lots of new blogs that I love
  • Started to paint again